Tracy L. Carmichael
PhD, Think Together

Dr. Tracy Carmichael has spent over a decade conducting educational research and developing equity-centered educational programs that produce opportunities for children to reach their full potential. Through her own experiences as young woman, Tracy garnered a deep appreciation for the profound impact that adults can have on the academic and emotional development of children.

Tracy has spent most of her career working to bridge the gap between research and practice within our educational system. She has a deep comprehension of non-profit management including strategic planning, fundraising, and outcome measurement.

In her role as Chief Engagement Officer for Think Together, Tracy oversees external relations, fundraising, and board development for the statewide educational non-profit that serves more than 150,000 students annually here in California.

In addition to her work at Think Together, Tracy has overseen a scholarship sub-fund of the Hispanic Education Endowment Fund through the Orange County Community Foundation, which grants scholarships to low-income students in Santa Ana.

Tracy holds a B.A. in Criminology from UC Irvine, an M.A. in Educational Research from the University of Michigan, and a Ph.D. in Education from UC Irvine.